How should I behave in Ms. Diaz's classroom

1. No food is allowed in my classroom--unless we have long block together

2. Drinks are allowed but only those that have caps--for example iced coffees from the cafeteria are not allowed.

3. No gum is allowed in my classroom

4. If you leave any materials behind such as notebooks, books, etc, you will serve detention--I am not here to clean up after you.

5. If you decide to throw your trash on the floor, you will have to clean up all the trash on the floor.

6. If you want to borrow a calculator, you must have proper Identification--School ID, agenda book, etc--this will be given back when the calculator is returned.

7. PENCILS are not free...they are worth 25 cents. Let me know you are getting a pencil and place a quarter in the cookie monster jar.

8. You may not open the windows unless you are given permission.

9. Do not use the connecting door between Ms. Pember's room and my room to get from room to room.

10. Respects earn Respects