What do I have to do in Ms. Diaz's class


  • All Do Nows are written on the DO NOW JOURNALS--these are kept in the room the cabinet by the front door.
  • The Do Now is posted at the beginning of every class.
  • You will have 5 to 8 minutes to complete this do now.
  • Do Nows count as participation and will be counted at the end of the quarter. This grade will be part of your final Binder check.


  • The classwork assignments that will be completed in class will be listed on the "Class's Agenda."
  • After you are done with the Do Now, you may get the classwork from the Assignment table.
  • After completing the Assignment, you may raise your hand in order to get either a BLUE or RED stamp.
  • If you had trouble with your classwork, you may come after school to get extra help. This will get you aBLUE


  • It must be labeled properly and follow the two column note format
  • This is checked the DO NOWS ONLY. You have to have your homework out to get BLUE or RED stamp.

  • Homework given after the Do Nows are put away, will not be given credit.
  • If you had trouble with your homework, you may come after school to get extra help. This will get you a BLUE stamp.


BLUE stamps mean that you fully completed all the components of the assignment. These components might be, objective, name, examples, problems, summary, etc.

RED stamps mean that you completed half of the components of the assignment. For example you only completed half of the problems.


  • You will be assigned a parter at the beginning of the year.
  • The two of you are responsible to work together on all the assignments.
  • You will use each other's knowledge to correct each other's work
  • Any questions about the given assignment should be asked to your partner first.