How to organize my binder

1. Table of Contents must be in the front of the binder. This table of content will include

  • Type of assignment

  • Title of the assignment

  • Lesson Unit

  • Date assigned

2. Binders will be organized in chronological order. There are two different ways to keep it organized:

  • Start with Assignment #1 through last quarter Assignment OR

  • Start with last quarter Assignment to Assignment #1

3. Assignments that are not given as handouts, such as notes, homework or classwork, will be written in a two column note format, see example below. Assignments that are now written this way will need to be re-written.


4. All notes, homework and classwork should be done IN PENCIL. REVISIONS/CORRECTIONS must be done in a different color pen/pencil on the REMARKS column (see above)

5. All assignments should be properly labeled, see below.


6. Binders are collected twice. First binder check is midway through the quarter and the other one is collected at the end of the quarter. Binders are graded based on improvement and follow a rubric. The example below was the rubric used last year for the first quarter.